Confidently and clearly communicate who you are, who you're for, and your unique value.

Define your brand's Star Power so you can be the obvious choice for your ideal client.

With this blueprint you'll…

  • Discover your point of differentiation so you stand apart as an expert in your field.
  • Learn how to highlight your value so you're not always competing on price.
  • Use the writing templates to create a strong positioning statement for your written and verbal communications. 
  • Finally have an easy, intriguing response to the “What do you do?” question!

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Hi! I'm Lisa Mullis –

As a copywriter and designer, I help service-based pros like coaches, consultants, and educators look and sound like the experts they are. When they do and their unique value is clearly apparent, they stand out in crowded spaces, attract just-right-for-them clients, and have a lot more fun doing their marketing.

When your marketing is easy and enjoyable, you'll actually do it. And that means you'll see real traction in your income and impact, coming from a place of calm and flow instead of overwhelm.