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High-converting Homepage Copy + Layout Template

Create a page that can land leads with your ideal clients—even if you're just starting out.


With this template you'll…

  • Get copywriting prompts which will save you time writing, but more importantly, help you clarify your message—this is key to attracting and nurturing the people who are right for your offers!
  • Learn the 7 essential components for high conversions
  • Have a layout guide that shows you exactly where to put everything so that your website visitors go from casually ;interested to fully engaged as they move down the page
  • Be able to build your credibility and trust even if you’re brand-new in business and don’t have any clients yet.
  • PLUS access to a short video training that walks you through each part of the template so you’ll know exactly how to use it!

Hi! I'm Lisa Mullis –

As a copywriter and designer, I primarily work with coaches, consultants, and creatives who are in mid- to late-career transition, either out of corporate into entrepreneurship or making a pivot in their business. They’ve accumulated a lot of expertise and lived experience, but because they’re doing something new, their confidence is often low. This leads to a tendency to undercharge or work for free in order to “gain experience”—even when they’ve already proven themselves to be highly competent, committed professionals many times over.

In helping them define their brand positioning and messaging, my clients get clear about the real value of their work and become totally sold on their own offers (amazing how many people try to sell without truly believing in what they’re selling). Once that happens, it’s magic!

With words to communicate clearly and consistently combined with a solid belief in the awesomeness of what they’re doing, my clients attract people who are a good match for their offers and happy to pay the fees they deserve. Ultimately this leads to ever increasing levels of joy and income in their businesses.


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