What you'll learn…

  • How to uncover your story and use your voice to stand out and build real connection
  • Pricing and packaging offers so you can charge fees for which you feel well-compensated and which your clients are happy to pay
  • How to talk money so you can earn more without fear and guilt undercutting your profit
  • What high-paying clients are really looking for
  • How to lead with compassionate authority
  • Where to find your best customers and what to say to them
  • How to promote and sell your offers in integrity with who you are
  • How to manage your mind and body so you quit sabotaging all your efforts

From 28 experts in marketing, messaging, money, and mindset…

Laura Albers

mental health therapist & wellness coach (US)

Sophia Arthur

launch copywriter (Australia)

Ilise Benun

speaker, author, marketing & business coach (US)

Terra Bohlmann

business coach (US)

Ashlyn Carter

conversion copywriter, marketing strategist & online educator (US)

Nathalia Copeland

FB ads strategist & business coach (US)

Gigi Davarashvili

branding specialist (UK)

Nela Dunato

author, speaker, & branding specialist (Croatia)

Adam Fairhead

author, messaging & branding (US/UK)

Julia Haitzmann

growth hacker (US)

Gina Horkey

VA agency owner & online educator (US)

Tarzan Kay

launch strategist & online educator (Canada)

Bobby Klinck

attorney & business strategist (US)

Merel Kriegsman

copywriter & business mentor (Canada)

Fernanda Lind

mindset coach (Sweden/Spain)

Kerstin Martin

Squarespace specialist & online educator (US)

Robert Middleton

marketing & business coach (US)

Pam Obasa

messaging & business coach (UK)

Sage Polaris

launch copywriter & business coach (US)

Satya Purna

business strategist & mindset coach (Singapore)

Pilar Raigon

sales team leader (Thailand)

Gigi Rosenberg

artist, author & public speaking coach (US)

Carole Copeland Thomas

speaker, trainer & business coach (US)

Peleg Top

artist & business coach (US)

Terri Trespicio

speaker, writer, & brand advisor (US)

Mai-kee Tsang

launch strategist (UK)

Linda Ugelow

author, performer & public speaking coach (US/Hungary)

Hank + Nicole Van Der Merwe

speakers, business leadership & self-mastery coaches (Australia)

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